Funfetti “Pancake” Cake

By Julianna Dubendorff


For the release of the first issue of The Independent, I decided to make some Funfetti cupcakes. Our limited number of cupcake pans made the process rather slow, so I found myself experimenting. I busted out a fry pan and dropped a bit of batter in, making a mini pancake cake! It was pretty delicious, so I tried a whole pancake-sized ladle of batter. Seven times later I had the makings of a very interesting cake!

To be honest, the consistency of this “pancake” cake isn’t precisely cake-y – it’s denser. However, I realized this is possibly the only (accessible) way to make a cake without an oven! Ta-da: dorm friendliness!

Funfetti “Pancake” Cake

Easiness: 4 stars

Dorm Friendliness: 4 stars


1 cake mix (for my cake it was Funfetti, but you could use whatever kind you like)

Eggs, oil, and water as specified on the cake mix

1 container of icing (again, whatever flavor you prefer)

Nerds (for decoration – they go great with Funfetti cake!)

1. Make the cake mix as directed and preheat a fry pan (I used an 8-inch pan) to medium heat.

2. Once preheated, spray with non-stick spray or oil and use enough batter to cover the majority of the pan (I used about half to two-thirds of a cup) and shake the pan around horizontally to spread the batter to the edges.

3. Let it cook until it looks puffy and there are some bubbles.

4. Flip carefully (a large spatula or two spatulas are recommended) and cook until done (around 3 minutes, or until golden).

5. Place flat on a plate and repeat until you have as many layers as you want your cake to be (you might have some leftover batter – you can make cupcakes or another smaller cake).

6. Once the layers are cool, place one on a plate and spread a thin layer of icing, adding another layer on top and repeating. Once you get to the top, put a thicker layer of icing on, and top with whatever you want – I used nerds and the sprinkles from the Funfetti icing.

Theoretically, you could ice the sides of the cake if you want it to look less like a stack of pancakes and more like a normal cake. I decided not to do this because the edges of my layers were pretty irregular and it would have taken a lot of icing.

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