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What makes us different from other publications? We strive to promote quality and intellect, so you can count on your readers to be informed consumers and global citizens. Furthermore, The Independent has received multi-lateral support from faculty, students, and administration alike and has become a substantial presence on campus and in the local community. In addition to handing out the magazines on the Rollins campus, The Alfond Inn in Winter Park also receives copies of the magazine to place in each of its 125 hotel rooms.

At present, The Independent is sustained by advertising revenues and donations. As an advertiser with us, you not only gain exposure with a large number of students, alumni, faculty, and their families – you also help to enhance an integral educational aspect of Rollins College.

Your advertisement will be printed in full color on 70 lb. paper. We print two issues per semester and have a circulation of 1,000 copies that will be distributed on campus and in the local community. Please note in looking at the different ad rates that the cost per square inch is substantially less in larger sized ads than in the smaller ones.

Download our rate sheet here. Want to see what our print editions look like? Check out our Digital Archive.

Questions? Contact us at theindependent@rollins.edu!


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