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Rollins’ China Connection

By Wenxian Zhang As a comprehensive liberal arts college, Rollins strives to educate students for global citizenship and responsible leadership, and this mission can be traced back to Hamilton Holt ...

American Flag Terrorism

A Devil’s Gift: A New Look at the War on Terror and Its Effect on the Democratic Process

By Nick L’Heureux As I write on September 11th, America is remembering perhaps its greatest domestic tragedy. Fourteen years ago, the World Trade Center was struck, defining the present history ...


Hip-Hop Cardio for the Tragically Uncoordinated

By Hania Powell I have never been a very athletic person. In fact, sports and I have a dark and complicated past, riddled with trauma, injury, and worst of all, ...

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February Music Reviews (DIIV’s Is the Is Are)

By Nicholas Darbonne DIIV – Is the Is Are (Captured Tracks, 2/5) There’s a cultural fascination with the drug-addled musician. He or she sits somewhere between myth and reality. DIIV (pronounced “dive”) frontman Zachary Cole Smith knows this. Accordingly, many of his heroes are are the very same. And if there’s anything to be said […]

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January Music Reviews (Baroness’ Purple and Adrian Younge’s Something About April II)

By Nicholas Darbonne Baroness – Purple (Abraxan Hymns, 12/18) The old aphorism that warns against judging books by their covers doesn’t usually apply to music. Authors don’t ultimately have much say regarding the look of the final product; bands usually do. Often the art chosen for an album is meant to reflect themes and moods […]

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Sacred Tattoos and Spiritual Healing

By Isabella Beham As a religion major studying the role of the body in worship and spirituality in Dr. Greenberg’s class, Religion and the Body, I have been fascinated by the different ways in which people use their bodies to explore their spirituality and relationship with the Divine. Simultaneously, I was also planning on getting […]

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Trigger Warning

Pulling the Trigger Warning

By Hind Berji Some say that the guise of academic theory has taken our disillusioned millennial age by the throat, resulting in a sociopolitical culture that is fueled by a very problematic political correctness. Others relish in pride to see our peers display such awareness. We have familiarized ourselves with the PC vocabulary needed to […]

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This Writer Metaphorically Self-Flagellated By Reading BuzzFeed Every Day For A Whole Week. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

By Nick Darbonne Actually, nothing happened. I was just trying to get your attention. But hey, before you get mad, I’m not the only one doing it. Websites compete for your clicks every day; that’s how they get money from advertisers. Sites like BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, Upworthy, Elite Daily, and their “viral content” ilk […]

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The Last Civil Rights Movement: Disability Studies at Rollins

By Hania Powell Dr. Stacey Coffman-Rosen is a professor at Rollins in the department of Critical Media and Cultural Studies. Her academic interests include disability studies, gender and sexuality, cultural studies, and disability representation in the media. She holds a doctorate in human development, and her interdisciplinary scholarship has been published by Columbia University Press, […]

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Grant Cornwell

A Chat with Cornwell

By Fiona Campbell Fiona Campbell:  What does a day in the life of the president of Rollins College look like? President Grant Cornwell: I’ll just be very literal about it in response to your question. I am at my desk corresponding at 6:00 a.m., and I spend between the first two and four hours of the day writing . . . I’m either writing correspondence, proposals, […]

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A Man’s Call for Open Dialogue About Sexual Assault

By Daniel Udell Sexual assault is a difficult subject to discuss, largely because it is an emotionally charged topic that is riddled with complexities, systemic prejudices, and tough questions about our capabilities as a society to avert violent patterns. The leading voice regarding sexual assault is by and large women, for women; these discussions generally emphasize […]

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Price sorority

The Hidden Costs of Sorority Life

By Ava Benham Pledging a sorority may seem like it is the choice that makes the ultimate college experience for a young woman. Sororities provide many young women with a new social outlet who are looking to connect with other women that either share similar interests or expose others to new interests. However, what many […]

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Peace Sorority

What Greek Life Taught Me About Creating Social Peace

By SJ Renfroe Let me tell you a story you have heard a thousand times: I did not come to college expecting to participate in Greek life. It went against everything I believed in—I saw it as a rabbit hole with shallow friendships and the tears of nonconformists (ragged remnants of nonconformity) at its bottom. […]

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